Urban Recordings – Ingo Giezendanner

Awarded: Most Beautiful Swiss Books 2006
Title of merit: Specific Object Publication of the Year 2006

Ingo Giezendanner
GRR30: urban recordings

180 x 132 mm, 352 pages,
344 full page b/w drawings,
thread stitched softcover

ISBN-10: 3-00-018496-1
ISBN-13: 978-3-00-018496-3

€ 16,80

First edition, June 2006
Second edition, November 2006

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artist unknown !


The UPSET – new book from DGV

Hmmmm… this new book looks decidedly yummy to me : )

Elsa Mora

“I think that by hiding or ignoring those things that have been traumatic to us we’re not going to make them desapair. In my imagination I wanted to think of those sad memories as little interesting shapes accumulating quietly in my mind. Over the years they take such a large amount of territory in our lives. But he funny thing is that we don’t even realize about it.” Elsa Mora

Jean-Édouard Vuillard (November 11, 1868 – June 21, 1940)

I know i said i thought colour was  big new trend, big mad clashing colour ( See colour Lovers blog over on the left for some of that ) and then i have posted two of the most muted pallettes of colour ever. But, oh my ! Isn’t this a wonderful pallette of colours, the shadow on the face is incredibly, complex, and just awesome.

Vilhelm Hamershoi

Hammershoi was Danish, he was reclusive but extremely famous in his own lifetime, this work was done towards the end of the 19th Century, he died in 1916. he was seen as a bit old fashioned by the new modern artists because he palette was so muted and tonal, while they where all going colour crazy. But he also got stick from traditionalists for painting the backs of people which they found spooky. But his work was and remains very popular, as an illustrator looking at these paintings i can see why they entertain people, they are mysterious and suspenseful, and because they dont show the womans face, we are able to imagine, to project ourselves into the painting in a conscious way that also triggers sub-conscious emotions within us. In that sense, these paintings are to me, thrilling and dynamic, charged with visual energy. They also have strong narrative qualities to them, as soon as i posted them up in sequence here, i couldn’t help but start to join them together in some kind of enigmatic mysterious story.

Yuko Shimizu

This is beautiful, YUKO SHIMIZU , is such a talented hard working Illustrator, this is, for me, a stunning example of her work.